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 Thank you for your interest in our collaborative opportunities. We are searching for ELT teacher travelers who blog  about their teaching experiences or are interested in blogging to be active collaborative members on our website. We have long term and short term opportunities available. These opportunities are centered on our specialty events which can take place daily, weekly, or biweekly. Currently, we are accepting applications for our Launch Event which will be 12 days of tips for our new members. We are also searching for long term contributing members who participate for a period of 3 months.

Application for Launch Event

Application for Long Term Contributing Member

Specialty Events: Our Vlog series are featured on the Side Bar for one day per week. Depending on the topic, they also receive the header ad for the day. The featured Collaborative Member will also receive the Logout Page takeover the day the video is released which links directly to their website or community group, whichever is preferred. Our series are as follows:

Hustle Harder: Professional and Lifestyle Tips

Examples: “Surviving the Contract Process”, “Relocating to a different country”, “Video Interviews”, “Group Interviews”, “I don’t speak that – Communication issues in the workplace”, “Cultural Differences 101, 101.2 etc.”, “Just Do It-Taking the final steps towards Teacher Traveling”, “Teaching Privately vs. Institutions”, “Certificates vs. Degrees-What’s Really Required to Get Started”, “Improving your Teaching”, “When the Visa Laws Change”, “At Odds with Migration”,”Handling Migration Issues”, “Teaching Children vs. Adults”, “Asking and Getting a Raise”, “What to do When Your Employer Doesn’t Honor the Agreement”, “Benefits of Further Education”,”Is it time to up your game? Continuing Education Options for ELT Professionals”, “Making It On Your Own-Part 1, 2…etc.

T3-Teaching Tips, Tools, and Tech

Examples: “Best Resources for Classroom Materials”, “New Avenues of Teaching”, Hacks for Low/No Budget Teaching Enviroments”, “Teaching via Skype”, “Using Video in the Classroom”, “Technology and Its Effects on the ELT Industry Part 1, 2”, “Methods for Classroom Management”, “Beginning New Styles of Teaching”, “How to Make the Best of Difficult Circumstances”, “Staying Accountable to Yourself and Your Students”, “Never Underestimate the Power of Lesson Planning”, “Teaching the Class, not the Plan”,…etc.

Personal experience is the key here, so we are searching for discussion on a topic which includes a tip from your perspective. Try to keep it under 4 minutes. Feel free to plug your blog or group.

For more information about becoming a long term contributing member, please click here.  

Application for Launch Event

Application for Long Term Contributing Member

Upcoming Special Events:

Launch Series: We officially launch in February. We would like to feature one vlog for the first 12 days from February 6th until the 17th.  Each Vlog will go live at 7:00am and can be accompanied by an article. The Vlog will be featured on the side bar, on the blog, posted on our community page, and other social media platforms. Additionally, we are collaborating with several Facebook groups that focus on teacher travelers who will also post the video each day on their group page for their member benefits. The host of the Vlog will receive the Logout Page takeover the day of the Vlog which will have a link to their website or community group, whichever is preferred.

To participate in our Launch Series, please complete this application. We will contact you with further details for preparations and submissions of your Vlog.  The steps are as follows:

1.       Submit your application. Please select which segment (Hustle Harder or T3) you would like to present.

2.       Receive an email and respond by January 28th with your topic and a choice of 3 dates for launch series.

3.       Submit artwork for header ad, Logout Page takeover along with instructions for desired link and/or copy.

4.       Receive an email confirming your Vlog date and topic.

5.       Plan your outreach for your blog, website, or group.

6.       Submit your video (accompanying article optional) via Google drive. It needs to be in an editable format so the video intro and effects can be added.

7.       Engage across the appropriate social media platforms the day of your Vlog. Reply to comments, answer questions etc.  

8.       Submit any feedback to us about your experience (if you wish). Sign up to do it again! Long term Contributing Members receive priority for all proposals and free advertisement slots on our site.  

9.       We will email you a link to the entire Vlog series when it ends for use on your own blog or website as you desire.

Application for Launch Event
Application for Long Term Contributing Member

General Project Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in our community. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions.


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