Collaboration and Project Guidelines

Hello! Thank you for checking out our collaboration guidelines. We’re excited you are interested in working with us. While we don’t go as far as a contract (unless you are long term collaborator and request one), these are our general guidelines so that there is no confusion about what is expected from both sides. If you would like to request something special, please contact us and we will see what we can do.  Otherwise, these guidelines should be sufficient.

Part 1- General Premise of Collaboration

Part 2- Submission Guidelines

Part 3- Use of Collaboration Project and other submissions

Part 4- Reciprocal Marketing Expectations

Part 5- Compensation – In kind marketing package

Part 6- Copyright and Final Authority on Project

Part 7- Dispute Resolution

Part 1 General Premise of Collaboration

All collaborative projects are between ELT Conjunction (Collaborator 1)  and you (Collaborator 2). Our segments are Hustle Harder for general information and tips and T3- Teaching Tips, Tools and Tech. We also are willing to collaborate on other projects or assist in organizing projects that involve the ELT Industry. These projects would be submitted by the form Collaboration Proposal and governed by our guidelines.

We have specialty events that are considered to be a series such as our upcoming launch event which will be 12 days of Vlogs. Standalone collaborations can be a part of the same segment (Hustle Harder or T3) but not part of a long standing series (Day 1, Day 2, Part 1, Part 2 etc.).

In order to participate as a collaborator, you must be a member of our community.

Part 2-Submission Guidelines

All submissions are due 5 standard days before scheduled to go live. If your chosen date is Thursday, March 6th, then your submissions would be due on Friday, March 1st before 7pm EST, giving 5 complete days from Saturday to Wednesday prior to going live. All submissions must be ready to launch. This includes any logos or copy for ads and the articles to accompany the Vlog, if you choose to submit an article. The video should be edited to remove any bloopers or mistakes. We will only add the video introduction, any necessary logo placement within the video, or other text (such as your name/website, or our name/website etc). Therefore, the video needs to be submitted in an editable format. Our preference is to receive the video by Google Drive or Dropbox. However, if you can send a link to the high quality downloadable video, that is also fine. Upon submission, you will receive 2 emails. The first email will confirm receipt of your submissions. The second email will confirm DOWNLOAD of all your items, that is that we were able to access all of your materials and they are now safely on our server. These emails should be within 24 hours of your submission. Once we have completed the video, you will receive a link to the video to view should you desire. We will attempt to send this to you by the end of the 3rd day.

Part 3 – Use of Collaboration Project and other submissions

Your project will go live on the date as agreed upon. You will be advised of any necessary date change at least 36 hours in advance. Your project will go live on our community page no later than 8am. It will also be featured in the side bar video section. Additionally, we utilize LinkedIn and Twitter and so it will also be posted on these 2 platforms as well. Your ads will be used in accordance with the agreed upon in kind marketing agreement.  In general however, short term collaborators receive marketing the day of the event. Collaborative Members receive marketing the day of the event, as well as being featured in our resources section and a monthly side bar ad rotation. Additionally, their blogs are a part of featured content on the website. Marketing for our Vlog series includes the header ad and Logout Page takeover. If the Vlog is ‘sponsored’ by a Joint Member Company, then they will also receive a spot on the header ad. Therefore, the header ad will rotate between 2 ads, the ad for the Joint Member and your blog/website or services.

Limited Use: If you are a short term collaborator, your logos, copy, or other submissions will only be used for the agreed upon project and nothing else.

If you are a long term collaborator, we could potentially use your logo or other ad submissions for additional days as we see fit for ad placement on the website. For example, if we don’t have a scheduled Logout Takeover for the day, we could use your ad as a replacement (Free advertising! Ain’t it grand?) You can elect to be notified of this development if you so desire. If we need additional ads on our side bar rotation, you could potentially receive an additional ad placement. These would all be free of charge and no additional compensation or submissions are required in these circumstances. For these types of circumstances, we do recommend that long term collaborators keep between 3 and 5 different ads on file with us.

Please note: If your submission is part of a special series, your submission package will be featured two days. First for the agreed upon date, and then the wrap up day, where all the vlogs are combined together to create the series as a whole with accompanying articles. Your ad will also be featured again in the header as part of a rotation with the other collaborators.

Part 4- Compensation – In Kind Marketing Package

Short Term Collaborator will receive the Logout takeover page for the day, as well as a 7 day sidebar rotation ad.

Long Term Collaborators operate on a cyclical basis. Each cycle is for 3 months. They receive the sidebar rotation for the entire time period. They are able to submit up 1 new ad every ten days. It is recommended that they change their ad at least once every thirty days just to keep it fresh.  They also are part of our featured article rotation. Their website/blog is listed under our resources section in the top five for their appropriate section.

Part 5 – Reciprocal Marketing for the Project

Collaborators are expected to post the Vlog and accompanying article on their website/blog on the date agreed upon before 10:00am EST. They are also expected to share the Vlog on at least 2 social media outlets. Long term collaborators may elect to post an ad stating they are an ELT Conjunction Collaborator on their website/blog. This is not required but permitted should they desire. This ad should link back to their respective Member or Group Page on ELT Conjunction.

Other uses are allowed as long as ELT Conjunction continues to be mentioned as a partner in the project.

Part 6- Copyright and Final Authority on Project

The project submission will be considered to have joint copyright. Each party agrees to include mention of both parties anytime this project is presented on a public platform. Each party agrees not to remove the website or logo of the other party from the final Vlog submission should the party elect to utilize the vlog for other purposes.

ELT Conjunction and its coordinating managers have the final authority for the project in its entirety. This would include edits of word choice.  Should we desire to edit your video or suggest an alternate sentence or exclusion of a sentence, we will notify you and discuss it with you to attempt to come to an agreement on the matter. If agreement is not reached 48 hours prior to the video needing to go live, we reserve the right to make the final decision on the final cut.

Part 7 – General Issues and Dispute Resolution

Each party must deliver a 7 day notice prior to the scheduled date in which the video would go live, should they desire to dissolve the project agreement.

There are two levels of dissolution. The collaborator may pull out of the upcoming project due to personal issues or problems that require time to resolve (sickness, unplanned travel or other things). Or the collaborator may pull out due to unresolved creative differences.

For the first instance, we understand that life happens to all of us. If you find yourself in this type of situation, please notify us as soon as possible. If it is even a possibility that you may not be able to deliver, please let us know as soon as you know so we can begin backup preparations.

For the second instance, we regret that we weren’t able to resolve or agree upon a matter. You may request to pull the upcoming project or possibly even request complete removal from the website and our Youtube channel. Should you request complete removal, this can be honored as long as your vlog was standalone and not part of a series. If part of a series, it will remain(Part 1, Part 2, Day 1, Day 2). We can however, remove any mention of your website or logos should you desire.  Please note that this cannot be undone. The upcoming project would be cancelled and any standalone vlogs would be removed from Youtube and our Blog/Vlog page. They would remain on the community page to preserve the member comments, but they would not be reposted or shared at a later date after the resolution by any ELT Conjunction representative.  All ads for your company or websites would be removed. All logo placements under the resources section would also be removed. This would take place within 48 hours after requested. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion. Your membership with ELT Conjunction would also be subject to review and moderation for possible deletion from our community depending upon the circumstances.



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