The Benefits of Joint Membership

We have created a special membership opportunity that allows industry insiders to integrate and connect with our members while also fully participating in our community.

Joint members organize and host 1 to 3 specialty community events per month. The advertising for these events is free as part of their partnership with us. They are the first to know when the website will be updated and given new features that could benefit their company. They receive priority pick for new advert spots as well as priority to sponsor events.

They also receive a significant advertising package that is valued at over $500 monthly. These memberships are available for a minimum of 1 month, with up to 6 months being available for purchase at a time.

Joint Member advertising package includes the following:

  • (1-3) Logout Page Takeover
  • 1 Side Bar Ad Rotation per month
  • 3 Event Sponsorships per month – Joint Sponsorship of our Vlog Series
    • Sponsorships include mention doing the event and Header Ad Rotation the day of the Event. You must submit your ad at least 5 days before the event.
  • 1-3 Vlog Submissions Per Month subject to approval, must appeal to our members and cannot be direct sales.

Can I become a Joint Member? Joint memberships are reserved for businesses that service the ELT industry. Memberships are available for our Launch Cycle from February to April 2017. Joint members must be approved by our administrative team because of their special relationship with our members and company.Our introductory price for the Launch Cycle is $349 for a 3 month membership.

If you are interested in applying for a Joint Membership, please apply here or send us an email.



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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