Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. Due to the specialty nature of our website, we want to be sure our advertising partners benefit our members instead of spamming them to the death with the same ad on site after site (ahem). We have several advertising opportunities available to you to allow you to connect with our members.

Our official launch begins in February.  We plan to initiate a full launch with additional social media outreach and special events during the month of February. Our goal is a membership base of 5,000 by end of our launch cycle with continued steady growth all throughout 2017.

ELT Conjunction Media Kit

Opportunities to Advertise

Of course, we have the standard ad space available in the Right Side Bar. You may have noticed the placement pictures.  These spaces are sold on a  30 day rotation. We also have Logout page takeovers available. When a member logs out of our site, they will be taken directly to a full page ad about your company along with a link to your member page, website, or other destination. A link to log back in will also be present. We also have banner ad space available but only for special member events.

Our Vlog series are featured on the Side Bar for one day per week. Depending on the topic, they also receive the header ad for the day. The featured Collaborative Member will also receive the Logout Page takeover the day the video is released which links directly to their website or community group, whichever is preferred. Our series are as follows:

View a sample vlog here.

  • Hustle Harder: Professional and Lifestyle Tips
  • T3-Teaching Tips, Tools, and Tech – View a sample vlog here.
  • Allie Hour will occur twice a week doing the first 3 months. It is a one hour event hosted by our founder, Alicia.  Allie hour sponsors receive a banner in the header for the day. We only offer banner ads during special events. Additionally, banner ads in combination with the logout page takeover are available as an ad package for a special price. Sponsors will also be mentioned doing the video. We recommend having a special rate or e-gift available for our members doing that hour to really generate interest in your company.
  • Live Stream Event Sponsors – Coming Soon! Until then, if you have a webinar that directly relates to the ELT industry on another platform, please contact us for a possible collaboration or special advertising rates.


Joint Membership (cycle)

Standard Rate (monthly)

Side Bar Rotation



Header/Banner Ads



Logout Page Takeover



For more information, please message us directly @ELTeam or Contact Us.

If you are ready to purchase,  please click here.

Joint Memberships

The ELT industry is truly a unique sector. Our industry insiders have access to, assimilate, and distribute a lot of information on their websites and other locations around the web. In recognition of this, we have created a special membership opportunity that allows them to integrate and connect with our members while also fully participating in our community. Joint members must be approved by our administrative team because of their special relationship with our members and company.

Joint members organize and host 2 to 3 specialty community events per month. The advertising for these events is free as part of their partnership with us. They are the first to know when the website will be updated and given new features that could benefit their company. They receive priority pick for new advert spots as well as priority to sponsor events.

They also receive a significant advertising package that is valued at over $500 monthly. These memberships are available for purchase by cycle. Our Launch Cycle is available for the very special price of $349 per month if purchased before January 27th.

Joint Member advertising package includes the following:

  • (2-3) Logout Page Takeover – Twice Per month
  • 1 Side Bar Ad Rotation per month
  • 3 Event Sponsorships per month – Choose A Vlog Series as Appropriate
    • Sponsorships include mention doing the event and Header Ad Rotation the day of the Event. You must submit your ad at least 3 days before the event.
  • Also available: 2-4 minute Community Vlog Spots

Due to the severe discount, Joint Memberships are limited to 8 participants. This is a special opportunity to maximize your outreach on our site.

To apply, please click here.

ELT Conjunction Media Kit






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